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Get Free Microsoft Word

They say that the best things in life are free. They do. Even in the online community, the best things sound even better if they come for free.

What could be better than getting great programs online for free? What more if it is Microsoft Office Word that you can have for free? This sounds really good. However, is this really possible? Can Microsoft Word really be downloaded for free?

Free Microsoft Word

Some people actually opt to get a copy of the Microsoft Office Word that comes at a cheaper price or for free. Ideally the Microsoft Word program comes with the whole office package. It is not accessible as a single program, even more for free.

However, there are people who developed programs that resemble the Word, such as the Open Office or also dubbed as the clone of Microsoft Office. This can create, read, edit and save files and documents in the formats of Microsoft Office. The best thing with this further is that it is for free.

This option shall save you lots of money at the same time ensure that you enjoy the benefits of a typical Office program like Microsoft Word. This is also completely legal. You do not need to worry about any legal questions. This program can be downloaded online for free. Simply do a search and follow the links and download.

When you also do a search online for free Microsoft Word, you will see a number of links in your search results. Most of these links will direct you to sites that offer, not the actual Microsoft Word program, but add-ins to your existing Microsoft Word program in the system like the Microsoft Word Viewer or Converter. They are supposed to make the office experience better.

Free Microsoft Word Tutorial

The tutorial is another aspect of Microsoft Word that may come for free. The program in itself offers tutorials to users of any kind. Simply go to the Help options or press F1 and you can get the assistance in using Microsoft Word.

There are also online tutorials offered for free. The instructions here may focus on a particular feature or section only.

Forums and bulletin boards are also good sources of tips and techniques, especially for the experienced users. Some people are actually generous enough to share advice and tips and answer questions from other forum posters.

Some Precautionary Measures

There are some things to consider when you avail of free Microsoft word. Some things do not entirely come for free. There may be some liabilities or problems that a freeware carries with it. Be sure that you take precautionary measures before pressing download.

Avoid computer viruses as much as possible. Be sure that your system is well protected. These free downloads can be susceptible to viruses, unlike from purchasing from the main site.

Avoid rogue sites. There will be some offers of free software that will only aim to destroy your system. Inquire for reliable sites that offer freeware.

Research first on the site before doing any downloads. Read any terms and services or if there are any conditions that you will not agree to.

Better ask for recommendations of other people who have availed of the same freeware.

Avoid also those that share illegal copies online. You do not want to end up being part of a legal dispute.


Getting Microsoft Word for free is possible now. This sounds good. This is definitely good, just like any other things offered for free. Just make sure that you protect your interest when you do so. Make sure that it is really a free download, keeping you free of problems and worries.

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